The following was taken from “The History of Steubenville and Jefferson County, Ohio”
by Joseph B. Doyle.

Oliver’s Church, in Section 29, was organized before the formation of the township. Thomas Oliver emigrated from County Donegal, Ireland, in the spring of 1806, and settled on the headwaters of Rush Run, two miles above Sherrard’s mill. He was reared a Presbyterian and brought with him a certificate of membership from Ireland, and also from a Methodist class whose meetings he had attended. In his new home he found the nearest Presbyterian place of worship to be at Steubenville, ten miles distant, and the nearest Methodist at Hopewell, five miles. So he formed a Methodist class at his own house, where there was subsequent preaching by the circuit riders. Among the early preachers were William Argo, James Wheeler and Henry Oliver (an elder brother), the latter being too Calvinistic to suit his hearers. Oliver’s house was used for preaching until 1817, when a house of hewn logs was built on the edge of Oliver’s farm, which was used for about fifty years, when a frame building took its place. It is on Smithfield circuit, with Holmes and Hopewell.

We've tried to locate a picture of Oliver's Church, but have been unable to do so. Jack Neale Sr., who is a life-long resident of Rush Run, remembers attending this church with his family as a young boy. Jack was kind enough to sketch this church from his childhood memories. We would like to Thank him for taking the time to draw this wonderful sketch, which we now share with you. If anyone has a photo of Oliver's Church or Cemetery that you would share with us, we would appreciate it and would like to include it on our website.



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