Hill Cemetery -- Steubenville Township

Read by Paulette Coss, Mary Kay Letusick and Evelyn Brewer

Row 1

ERWIN, ROBERT H. Died August 29, 1817 Son of J. S. Erwin Flag on grave.

ERWIN, JAMES S. Died 1871 in his 56th year.

T. B. Native stone marker.

HILL, ROBERT. Born January 16, 1882? Died June 1, 1883 Son of ____ & L. A.

HILL, INFANT. Son of G. M. & D. B. Hill 1917

Row 2

KNEFF, WILLIAM A. Died 22 September 1878 Aged 69 years 9 months 23 days Footstone “Father”
KNEFF, NANCY Wife of William A. Died 1892 Aged __ years 2 months 21 days Footstone “Mother”

KNEFF, MARIA. No dates

HILL, STEPHEN. 1805 - 1868

HILL, MARTHA. 1825 - 1868

HILL, ROSAMOND. 1845 - 1869



Row 3

HILL, _______ Died 1815 Stone is unreadable Footstone “Father”
HILL, MARGARET Stone is unreadable Footstone “Mother” HILL, _______ Stone is unreadable

Pieces of four separate stones - unreadable.

Stone (very old) face is gone. Footstone “H”

HILL, ROSAMOND. Died 20 March 1868 In her 69th year of her life.

HILL, ROBERT. Died 20 June 1845 Civil War Bronze Star Marker D.A.R. Marker Revolutionary War

HILL, CATHERINE. Daughter of J. & M. Aged 10 months Died 11 November 1816

“INFANT” stone.

HILL, LOVENIA A. Daughter of J. & M. Hill Died 27 September 1864 Aged 25 years 24 days

HILL, JAMES Died 21 June 1884 On His 75th Birthday Footstone “Father”
HILL, MARIA Wife of James Died 30 August 1887 In her 69th year Footstone “Mother”
HILL, WILLIAM M. Son of J. & M. Hill Died 16 January 1880 In his 29th year Footstone “William”
HILL, INFANT Son of J & M Hill Died 8 October 1842 Footstone “Infant”

HILL, BENJAMIN K. Born 1854 Died 1903 “Father”

HILL, MARY WARREN Born 1856 Died 1944 “Mother”

Row 4

METCALF, LAURA P. Daughter of E. H. & J. Metcalf Died October 28, 1888 In her 12th year “Weep not Father & Mother for me, For I am waiting in Glory for thee.” Footstone L. P. M. On the back side of the stone is:
METCALF, JOHN T. Son of E. H. & J. Metcalf Died October 30, 1888 In his 5th year. “A little time on Earth is spent, Till God for Him His angel sent.”

Row 5

Footstones: D. S. M. S. F. S. INFANT

STROUD, AQUILLA. Died February 29, 1856 Rev. War Marker

STROUD, SUSANNA. Died February 13, 1876 STROUD, THOMAS Born July 3, 1818 Died April 27, 1885 Footstone “Father”
G.A.R. Marker
STROUD, MARY. Born October 1, 1826 Died March 18, 1896 Footstone “Mother”
STROUD, STEPHEN Born April 29, 1852 Died February 21, 1861
STROUD, FRANK Born September 7, 1855 Died February 3, 1861
STROUD, WARNETTA Born December 31, 1856 Died February 26, 1861
STROUD, DORA Born June 7, 1858 Died March 7, 1861
The above group are all listed on one stone.

Row 6

BROOMHOFFER, FRANCIS. Native of Switzerland Member of Co. A. 32nd O.V.A. Died 21 November 1879 Aged 60 years Footstone F.B.

VANKIRK, EARNEST N. Born 1902 Died 1907 Footstone

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