Barrett Cemetery, Wells TWP.,
Jefferson CO., Ohio


Row 1 left to right - several sandstone markers to the left of first tall marker

HALL, SYDNEY - wife of Henry Hall. Died May 7, 1853 AE 37 years 10 months 10 days. Verse: Adieu dear husband do not weep. While here in dust my body sleeps. My debt is paid and I am at rest. My spoil is with my Jesus blest

Bases and pieces between

B on stone

BOND, ALEXANDER W. Born 1 Feb 1848 Died 21 Oct 1897 Footstone - Father
BOND, RUTH LINTON. Born 24 Oct 1846 Died 23 July 1890. Footstone - Mother, Stone maker - CURN Verse - “They have done what they could” Both on one stone.

LINTON, JERAMIAH - son of B & A Linton Died 2 Oct 1851 AE 20 years 9 months 3 days, Stone maker - Hartland, Verse - unreadable.

LINTON, MARGARET A. DIED 15 Oct 1850 AE 13 years 6 months 6 days, Stone maker - L. Bortland

SCOTT, LINTON, ELIZA JANE. Daughter of Benjamin and Anne Linton --- Wife of Walter Amos Scott Died 24 Nov 1855 AE 23 years, Footstone broken.

LINTON, LAURA. Daughter of B & A Linton. Died 13 Apr 1865 AE 26 years.

LINTON, (large newer stone)

TARR, ELLA A. Wife of Franklin J. Tarr. Died 23 Jan 1874 AE 35 years 3 months 12 days. Verse – “Not Dead But Sleeping” - Footstone E A T, Beautiful stone leaf design, Stone maker - Swords

Row 2 left to right - many spaces and pieces of stones

DEAN, ELISABETH. Died __ Aug 1834 AE 59 years 10 days. Footstone - E D, Verse - Sacred to the memory of E D who departed this life August 1th, 1834, Aged 59 year and 10 days

JOHNSON, SCOTT S ANNIE. Wife of J T Johnson --- daughter of W A & E J Linton Scott. Died 1 Oct 1878 AE 27 years. Stone maker HSTOP, Verse unreadable.

JOHNSON, PERLEY D. Born 4 Feb 1871 Died 25 Jun 1898 AE 27 years.

DEAN, WILLIAM. Died 31 Aug 1845 AE 13 years 8 months 9 days. “Sacred to the Memory” Son of E & M Dean.

Many pieces - more broken stones

Row 3 --left to right. Spaces where two graves were supposed to have been dug up during the depression - unknown

BARTHOLOMEW, ELLEN R. Wife of Samuel D. Bartholomew. Born 17 Jul 1842, Died 14 Feb 1878. Beautiful metal stone engraved wreath on the back, angel face carved on the front Stone broken from base but in good condition. Verse – “Nearer My God To Thee, Beloved By All Who Knew Her”.

DEAN, ISABELLA. Died 28 Feb 1839 AE 32 years.

BARTHOLOMEW, MARY. Wife of Samuel Bartholomew. Died 19 Apr 1840 AE 26 years 6 months 22 days “Sacred To The Memory Of”.

DEAN, WILLIAM. Died __ Jul ____ Stone standing but face broken out.

DEAN, MARGARET. Wife of Thomas Dean. Died 16 Jun 1855 AE 79 years.

Stone standing but face broken out - footstone T D (next to Margaret Dean).

MC KINLEY, JOHN. Died 12 Dec 1837 AE 28 years footstone J Mc K.

MC KINEY, ELIZABETH. Consort of __________ rest of stone unreadable. Footstone: E. Mc K.

Small white stone P L J.

Footstone L L.

MC KINLEY, NANCY. Daughter of J & E McKinley. Died 14 Feb 1811 AE 11 years 5 months 19 days.

Row 4 - left to right

SPRUNGS, SARAH J. Daughter of P B & S. Died Jan 10, 1852 AE 10 years 4 months 29 days crepe design at the top.

SPRUENS - large four sided pillar marker.

SPRUENS, PRESLEY. Jun 15, 1818 -- May 23, 1900. DEAN, ELIZA His wife, Mar 4, 1820 -- Jul 28, 1899 At Rest.

BLACKBURN, ISAAC. Dec 1836 -- Jun 1906. Footstone Isaac Blackburn.

Row 5 -- left to right

BRACKEN, POLLOCK FANNIE. Wife of C H Bracken. Died 29 Feb 1864 AE 25 years footstone F R P.

Row 6 -- left to right. Stone wall fallen surrounding this area

BARRETT, JOHN P. Died Apr 1st 1839 in his 68th year of his age.

BARRETT, JOHN. Died Apr 1, 1839 in the 68th year of his age. “Sacred To The Memory Of” “Yea though I walk through the valley Of the shadow of death I will fear No evil For thou art with me thy Rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Verse XXIII Psalm IV V “Though I walk through the gloomy vale where death and all its terrors are My heart and hope shall never fail For God my shepherds with me there.” Large tall stone, ornate

BARRETT, ELIZABETH. Wife of John Barrett. Died Sep 4, 1856 In the 80th year of her age. Stone maker: Muldoon & Co.

PORTER, MARY B. Died in Indianapolis, IN Oct 25, 1858 Age 57 years 2 days.

Many stones broken and unreadable.

Additional known information:

LINTON, BENJAMIN. Age 80 years.

DEAN, THOMAS. Unreadable.

BARTHLOLMEW, MARY. Wife of Samuel. Born 16 Oct 1813, Died 19 Apr 1840.

PORTER, MARY. Born 23 Oct 1801 died 25 Oct 1858.

The sign for Barrett Cemetery was erected by The Wells Township Trustees.

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