Adams Cemetery -- Steubenville Township


Footstone: “ADAMS”. H.A.A. - Revolutionary War Soldier. Property owner stated this Adams was removed to another location.

Footstone R. W.

WELLS, ALEXANDER. Son of Thomas & Katherine A. Wells, Sacred to the Memory of Alexander Wells, who departed this life March the 13th, 1839, Aged 4 years 10 months and 7 days. Verse: “Death is to us a sweet repose the bud was spared to show. To let us fly and build our happy rest on high.

Footstone A. W.

Stone with face eroded, couldn’t read.

ADAMS, GEORGE W. Died May 1, 1891, in his 84th year. Book on top of stone. “Gone But Not Forgotten”.

ADAMS, MARY E. Died June 22, 1875, Age 17 years 10 months 11 days. Daughter of G.W. & S. Adams, Verse: “Our daughter sleeps beneath the ground, Till the last trumpets joyful sound. Then burst the chains with sweet surprise. And in her Savior’s image rise.”

Footstone M. E. A.

ADAMS, WILLIAM H. Died December 1, 1873, Age 20 years 4 months 20 days. Son of G.W. & S. Adams.

Footstone W. H. A.

Large base, stone is missing.

Tall broken stone - face unreadable.

JUMP, MARGARET Born June 14th, 1804 Died October 11, 1880
JUMP, ANDERSON Born October 29th, 1815 Died April 25th, 1882 This was a tall white stone containing both names above.

Footstone A. J.

Footstone J. W.

WELLS, THOMAS. Died April 15th, 1839, Aged 35 years 1 month and 4 days “In Memory of Thomas Wells, Husband of Catherine Wells.

A pile of broken stones that are unreadable and field stones in several places throughout the cemetery.

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